Car Rental 8 - 8 Protect Package

Car Rental 8 - The 8 Protect Package

The Internet has changed our world, allowing real-time access to information to allow you to make informed decisions. Car rental rates change daily and depending upon availability, rental conditions and competition, we check and update our rates frequently. Car Rental 8 is the best place to compare car rental prices across major brands. We compare the rental pricing of different suppliers worldwide in more than 125 countries and over 17,000 locations and present you the best rental rates possible.

The 8 Protect Package will reimburse a portion of your deductible or excess in the unfortunate event of an accident and will also cover glass and tire damage. Additionally, The 8 Protect Package may allow you to cancel your booking up to 48 hours before pickup with full refund and no cancellation fees. You can purchase this product for a small daily fee, that can be added on at the time of booking. Add the 8 Protect Package to your rental today!

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