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Car rentals for the United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Europe, Latin America, Australia and other worldwide locations. 

Car Rental 8 is a USA based corporation that offers car rental services in 125 Countries serving 17,000 locations. We have car rental supply agreements with major car rental companies worldwide and the ability to negotiate discount prices through booking volumes. These savings are passed on to you. To assist our customers, our website supports several languages as well as multiple currencies.

Our website has been designed to let you book a car through "Search. Book. Done." Simply type in a destination you are interested for a car rental, and it will automatically provide you a list to choose from. Select your dates, then click SEARCH. You will then see a variety of choices along with our low special rate. Choose what you need and then, BOOK your car. Fill in your personal and payment information, confirm your reservation, and you are DONE!

Car Rental 8 is chosen by more travelers because we provide the ultimate option – the CR8 Protect Package.  Choose this option when booking your next rental car. The CR8 Protect Package will cover a portion of your deductible or excess in the unfortunate event of an accident or minor incidents such as windshield or tire damage.  In some cases, the CR8 Protect Package may allow you to avoid paying a cancellation fee when your planned trip must be cancelled.

Go to our bookings page to get started, read what our past customers have to say about our service, or read our FAQ page if there’s anything you’re wondering about.

If you have questions or comments, please contact Customer Service via email at

Car Rental 8, LLC
11345 Countryway Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33626

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